Global Insurance Company

Identifying Top Field Sales Performers

The Challenge

The client was looking to enhance the selection process for their field sales representatives selling property and auto insurance.

As a global leader of insurance policies, it was critical this organization identify individuals who would be likely to sell more policies and drive sales growth to maintain and increase its market position.

Competition in the market for these roles is fierce. The assessments used in selecting the best candidates needed to provide an engaging experience, as well as set the client apart from their competitors in the war for talent.

With high volume applicants, improving efficiency in the selection process was key. The solution administered needed to integrate seamlessly into an automated hiring solution and decrease the time commitment required from recruiters and hiring managers.

The Solution

Saville Assessment partnered with the client to create a blended assessment solution – a multi-media Situational Judgment Test (SJT) and behavioral role-fit questionnaire.

The SJT gives candidates a realistic preview of the role, measures the area’s most likely to predict in-role performance and is fully tailored to showcase the client’s brand.

multi-media SJT on a computer screen
Match 6.5 on an iPad

Match 6.5 powered by Wave®, a short behavioral tool, measures 36 critical work areas with extraordinary validity for predicting performance in just six and a half minutes.

The applicant data is passed back to the client with two simple assessment scores, powering quick decision making, underpinned by remarkable reliability.

Benefits To The Organization

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Collectively, individuals who passed both assessments accrued an additional $86 million annually in sales for the organization, as compared to those who failed the assessments.

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Individuals who performed well on both assessments sold more policies than those who failed – averaging an extra $248,000 in sales per year, per person.

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The selection process was highly engaging to complete with combined work relevant questions and a multimedia presentation branded to the client.

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Individuals were able to complete the blended assessment within 20 minutes. This presented the client with robust data in two simple job fit scores for efficient and reliable decision making.

Diversity & Inclusion icon

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

The blended assessment solution focused on the areas relevant to performance in the role and were underpinned by extensive research and validity. The increased rigor of the solution meant the process was fair, objective and defensible.

Graph showing an extra $248,000 sold

The tailored solution combining a multimedia Situational Judgment Test (SJT) with the Match 6.5 behavioral questionnaire improved engagement and efficiency while delivering incredible ROI.

Sales representatives who were successful in both assessments sold an extra $248,000 each per annum in policies, projecting a collective total of $86 million.

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