Improving the Graduate Talent Pool

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When hiring for their graduate scheme, technology giants Fujitsu were experiencing incompletion rates of 50% during their selection process.

The Challenge

The current process was offering a poor ROI (return on investment) in candidate attraction and potentially losing talented candidates to competitors.

BAME (Black, Asian and Minority-Ethnic) applicants were accounting for around half of candidate incompletions – something the client was keen to address.

Fujitsu were looking to transform how they initially screened candidates with a method that would offer a better candidate experience. It was also important that the process fulfilled their digital agenda of utilizing technology at each stage of the process.

Fujitsu were aiming to improve metrics, as well as creating an improved process that they could roll out to other regions across the world.

The Solution

Saville Assessment worked with Fujitsu to design an immersive Situational Judgment Test (SJT) that provided a realistic preview of graduate life to applicants.

Workshops with current graduates, graduate alumni and key stakeholders explored critical behaviors and potential scenarios that would assess these.

Fujitsu implemented Saville Assessment’s Swift Executive Aptitude test (measuring verbal, numerical and abstract reasoning) alongside the immersive SJT.

immersive SJT on three mobile screens at different angles

Both assessments were run via integration with Fujitsu’s ATS.

Benefits To The Organization

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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

19% increase in complete applications by BAME (Black, Asian, Minority-Ethnic) candidates.

Fujitsu also benefitted from an increase in social mobility, with a 20% increase in the proportion of candidates who gained a place on the scheme having received free school meals as a child.

The process also saw a 400% increase in the number of successful candidates with a disability.

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Increased completions, better diversity and a higher caliber of candidates progressing to the final stage – culminating in an improved graduate talent pool to select from.

Reinforced message as a leading IT brand with a more innovative and technology-driven screening solution.

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18% overall increase in candidate completions, offering better ROI on the process.

The immersive design of the SJT educates candidates on how Fujitsu technology is a part of everyday life and how they can make a difference as a graduate.

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The more streamlined solution led to a more positive experience for candidates and recruiters.

The fully integrated and automated process has the power to screen candidates through to video interview stage in an hour or less.

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