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Improving the Apprentice Recruitment Process

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Teledyne annually assesses around 200 applicants for between 8 and 12 places on their apprenticeship scheme using a multi-stage assessment process consisting of CV screening, video interviews and an assessment day.

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The Challenge

They were looking to review this process with an aim to improve:

The Solution

The second-stage video interview was replaced with a single-stage blended assessment solution combining the Swift Apprentice Aptitude assessment and the Match 6.5 behavioral screener, powered by Wave®.

We worked with Teledyne to get a comprehensive understanding of what predicted potential for their apprentices and created a role-fit score to screen against using our Role-Fit App.

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Applicants completed one combined online assessment, taking less than 30 minutes.

Single role-fit scores were passed back to the client and applicants with an average/above average or high role fit against the criteria set at the start of the process were invited to attend the final selection stage of the process.

All applicants received feedback reports providing insight on their core strength and challenge areas as well as practical development tips.

Benefits To The Organization

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Introducing the blended aptitude and behavioral assessment resulted in a higher quality pool of applicants reaching the final stages of the process to select from.

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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Implementing the combined assessment increased the objective rigor of the process and minimized the opportunity for bias by only targeting areas intrinsic to what mattered for the role.

The ratio of male to female hires was significantly improved as a result of the process, where 25% of hires were female compared to no female hires the year before.

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Approximately two full days’ work was saved by removing the manual video interview marking and replacing it with the blended assessment solution.

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The candidate dropout rate was reduced by replacing the video interviews with the blended assessment solution at the screening stage of
the process.

Candidate-friendly reports provided insightful feedback on strengths and challenge areas so even unsuccessful candidates got something out of the process.

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These improvements and saving two full days’ work had a positive impact on the cost efficiency of the process and, as a result, the return on investment.

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