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Jaguar Land Rover were experiencing a period of rapid growth, which led to a greater demand for the recruitment of talented graduates.

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The Challenge

Intense competition for jobs, coupled with the prestige of the Jaguar Land Rover employer brand, resulted in record numbers of graduate applications.

The internal recruiters were tasked with reducing this large pool of graduates to a more manageable number of individuals who would have the necessary intellectual agility and behavioral fit to thrive.

The Solution

Saville Assessment worked with Jaguar Land Rover to design a
suite of Situational Judgment Tests (SJTs) that provided a realistic
preview of graduate/apprentice life to applicants.

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Saville Assessment’s Swift Aptitude Tests were then used as a second-stage screener to test multiple types of ability in a short and efficient online test.

Benefits To The Organization

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Over 39,000 personalized feedback reports delivered in a three-month period via Jaguar Land Rover’s Applicant Tracking System. Eliminating all feedback requests for the Early Careers team.

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21% increase in completion rates when moving from a scored application form to an SJT.

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The streamlined assessment process allows for the efficient screening of over 27,000 candidates per year.

Decision-making times have been reduced from three weeks to 48 hours, despite the candidate pool doubling in size.

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The estimated cost of screening was reduced by almost 70%.

The Saville Assessment Situational Judgment Test was great – it was actually enjoyable opposed to the boring and dull SJT tests I have previously taken. The videos and modular questions really improved my test-taking experience.

JLR Candidate

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