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Situations is our range of Situational Judgment Tests (SJTs) that presents candidates with realistic workplace scenarios that they are likely to experience in the job to which they are applying, assessing their suitability for the role and your organization.

Our suite of Situations assessments support a range of customization options. This can include adding your own specific situational context, augmenting with your organizational branding, or creating your own fully-bespoke Custom Situations assessment.

Custom Situations

Customized SJTs

We can work closely with you to create a Custom Situations solution, tailoring the assessment to your needs.

These highly-engaging solutions provide you with the opportunity to showcase your unique organizational brand, giving your candidates a great first impression and helping you to stand out from your competitors.

We offer a choice of formats, from high-quality image-based through to multimedia. We can even create fully immersive assessment journeys to create an even more impactful candidate experience.

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Watch this short video to see an example of a multimedia SJT we created for JLR.

“The Saville Assessment Situational Judgment Test was great – it was actually enjoyable opposed to the boring and dull SJT tests I have previously taken. The videos and modular questions really improved my test-taking experience.”

JLR candidate

Ready-to-Use Situations

Our ready-to-use Situations provide a quick, easy and immersive solution for role and industry-specific selection.

Engage your candidates by providing realistic work previews and assess them by presenting them with the type of scenarios they may face in the role.

Our ready-to-use Situations provide you with:

Ready to use situations on a range of devices

Check out our ready-to-use Situations solutions

Manager Situations

Significantly increase the likelihood of hiring effective line managers, team leaders and supervisors.

Manager Situations can be used across all industries and sectors, and accurately assesses how your candidates would respond to a series of common managerial situations, measuring key areas including:

Manager situations on a laptop and mobile

Customer Situations presents your contact center applicants with a series of common situations they are likely to face in a customer call operative role including:

Whether you are selecting for virtual or in-center call staff, Customer Situations can help you engage candidates with your role and save significant time on manual resumé or application form sifting.

Retail Situations assesses how your applicant would respond to a series of in-store retail situations, measuring key areas including:

Whether you are selecting for a high street brand or a more unique, high-end retail store, Retail Situations can help engage candidates with your role and the level of service required to provide a first-class retail experience for your customers.

Retail Situations on a laptop and mobile
Logistics Situations on a laptop and mobile

Logistics Situations assesses how your applicants would respond to a series of common logistics situations they are likely to face in a delivery driver and courier role including:

Whatever your requirements, Logistics Situations can help you efficiently identify drivers who know how to effectively navigate your role and provide your customers with what they need without delay.

Why Use Our Situational Judgment Tests?

“We have successfully balanced technology and innovation with a reliable and robust approach to assessment, giving us a stronger and more diverse talent pool to select from.”


Engaging Assessments, Exceptional Results

Clients across a range of sectors have achieved outstanding results with our SJTs.


increase in complete applications by ethnic minority candidates

Multinational Technology Company


saving in screening costs

Automotive Company


increase in sales

Global insurance company

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Maximize the validity and fairness of your screening by creating a combined assessment solution which includes Situations, our Match 6.5 behavioural screener and a Swift Aptitude Test:


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Our flexible aptitude test portfolio measures the core abilities relevant for a wide range of roles.

Match 6.5

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