Customer Check

New online assessment identifying how well individuals will interact with customers and represent your brand on live web chats.

Highly-relevant assessment specifically designed to replicate typical customer contact.

Compatible with a range of devices, including laptops, tablets and mobiles.

Quick and engaging assessment with a 10-minute completion time.

The Candidate Experience

Candidates are presented with 16 web chat messages and are asked to highlight spelling and grammatical errors.

The Recruiter Experience

Customer Check is easy to administer either through our Oasys assessment platform or through your own applicant tracking system, via an integration.

Recruiters receive a single score for decision making for each candidate which is benchmarked against a large comparison group of other customer service representatives.

A feedback report is provided for each candidate giving their assessment score and some tips for how they could improve the quality and accuracy of their written communication. This can be shared without the need for a feedback call.

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