Workplace English Tests

Assess an individual’s understanding and use of English in the workplace in less than 20 minutes with our suite of online Workplace English Tests.

Quick & Engaging Tests

Taking just 16.5 minutes to complete, the Workplace English Tests are a helpful screening tool for organizations recruiting individuals who need a good comprehension of the English language.

These online tests are designed for five different industry sectors:

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Easy to Interpret Outputs

Test results are shown in a report overview suitable for use by line managers and recruiters. Report highlights the percentage of correct answers and the candidate’s speed of completion, allowing you to make quick and informed decisions.

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Find out how our Workplace English Tests formed part of an award-winning Digital Talent Project with Ricoh Europe.

Workplace English Tests can be used on their own or in conjunction with our Aptitude Tests and Personality Questionnaires. Tests can be administered online via our Oasys or Bureau Service, with no training required.

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