Developing Digital Skills in Individuals During Organizational Transformation

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A significant part of Ricoh’s business was traditionally based around the Office Print trade. Even before the emergence of Covid-19, this part of the business was on a flat-growth trajectory with less in-person and remote technical support required. Unsurprisingly, this part of the business was also badly hit by the global pandemic.

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The Challenge

Ricoh needed our help to identify individuals who would be suitable for their Scala program, a project which aimed to address their challenge in recruiting top digital talent by identifying people from within.

The program aimed to promote internal mobility by upskilling talented and motivated employees from the Office Print business and helping them transition into new and exciting opportunities with Ricoh.

It was therefore crucial the individuals selected had the required characteristics to cope with the intense program, as well as thrive in their new roles.

In terms of execution, the process needed to be a positive experience for all participants, providing them with meaningful information and the chance for personal development, regardless of whether they were successful or not.

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The Solution

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The Scala Digital Talent Program was open to all Ricoh employees
across EMEA but aimed primarily at Office Print technical employees, a target population of around 4,000 people.

The scheme consisted of a nine-month learning program which would lead to individuals acquiring industry recognized digital skills accreditations, as well as having the chance to spend three months in a temporary placement in their chosen area, gaining hands-on experience of the role.

The selection process for the scheme had to be thorough and multi-faceted, considering an individual’s behaviors, aptitude, and motivation. Our Wave® personality, cognitive ability and Workplace English assessments were used in combination.

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This process was integrated with Ricoh’s existing applicant tracking system (ATS) making it highly efficient in terms of time and resources.

Insightful feedback based on their assessment data was also provided to all individuals, both successful and unsuccessful.

Benefits To The Organization

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HR representatives from nine different regions were trained to use the tools.

Assessed and provided 1-2-1 feedback globally for senior management.

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The rigorous, robust and objective selection process provided confidence that individuals being re-trained would be up to the standard required.

The detailed Wave feedback reports also provided a useful opportunity for development intervention and action points for all participants.

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This project won Best Internal Recruitment Strategy at The Firm Awards 2021 and the Talent Management category at the Personnel Today Awards 2021,
illustrating the quality and efficiency of the project, from planning and internal communications, to the implementation and results achieved in a relatively short time frame.

“I’m very happy with my decision to apply. Congratulations to all the team who put this
course together. It is clear to me that you don’t just present dry lessons about Digital
Transformation, but you build a person with the right mindset, and good skills for the future.”

Scala Cohort 1 Participant

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