Building Capacity for Resilient Agility

As a result of the global pandemic, people at Sodexo were navigating rapid change; doing more with less, extending the implementation of remote working and maintaining strong connections and productivity across a new working environment.

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The Challenge

We partnered with the D,E&I team to help them understand how they could work together more effectively whilst adapting to these new ways of working.

The Solution

175 employees completed the 13-minute Wave® Focus Styles questionnaire and received their own Building Resilient Agility Report, providing guidance to be effective during change & transformation.

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Aggregate group data was presented via an interactive webinar. This gave participants the opportunity to understand how the group performs together and insight regarding their collective dynamic strengths and opportunity areas.

The data was further broken down by age population, providing deeper insight for discussion and action planning.

Benefits To The Organization

Maintaining Drive

‘Maintaining Drive’ was a key group strength. The high focus on Maintaining
Drive was synonymous with Sodexo’s client-centric focus, internal work
ethic and drive of their teams. With their core values of Team spirit, Service
spirit, and the spirit of Progress, Maintaining Drive ties back strongly to the
overall culture at Sodexo. The group has particular strengths in the areas of
‘Pursuing Goals’ and ‘Directing People’ which was important as the
employee business group need to be highly engaged, self-initiate and be
able to take the lead.

Enabling New Ways of Working

‘Enabling New Ways of Working’ was also recognized as a strength for this group and reflected how the group had needed to be instrumental in enabling new ways of working throughout the pandemic. Sodexo, traditionally a hierarchical organization, now requires their leaders to quickly step into new ways of working. This particular area of the Building Resilient Agility model was found to be highest in the under 40s age band, suggesting perhaps that, at Sodexo, employees in this age band may find it easier to adapt more readily to new ways of working.

Staying Connected & Dealing with Change

‘Staying Connected’ and ‘Dealing with Change’ were two areas that the
group overall found to be more challenging. It was thought that the decentralized nature of their business, changes in day-to-day working, and screen fatigue for those working remotely played a role in the challenges around staying connected. Some employees found it valuable, particularly at the start of the pandemic, to stay connected via online communities.

Interestingly, there were some variations across age bands in the area ‘Staying Connected’. The under 50s group data was below the mean, whilst the 50 and over age group data was above the mean. It was suggested that perhaps the younger generation’s data reflected the loss of face-to-face styles of working and the related social aspects of work.

As the organization continues to focus on mentoring as a talent development strategy, these findings reinforced the importance of reciprocal mentoring across age bands to foster greater connection and collaboration during these challenging times.

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