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Optimizing Team Effectiveness During Change & Uncertainty

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Enfield Council were looking to optimize the implementation of a new strategy, creating a more empowered, responsive and engaged workforce during a period of change and uncertainty. 

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The Challenge

We partnered with the client to identify the following criteria for success:

The Solution

A virtual development program was designed and delivered using the Work Roles toolkit powered by Wave®.

194 employees completed the 13-minute Wave Focus Styles Personality Questionnaire. Each individual received their own Work Roles Report, providing guidance for adding value in the workplace by reflecting on your most & least preferred work style and how these work in combination and with others.

Participants could then choose to take part in a personal development session, team development workshop or both.

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Work Roles Model showing 8 sections

Saville Assessment provided materials, exercises, support and guidance, enabling Enfield Council managers to tailor the sessions to their specific team’s needs and maximize their impact. Individuals were also provided with user guides to help them get the maximum benefit out of their personal development reports.

Enfield were also able to use the virtual group overview option to show the team’s combination of preferred roles and generate conversations
around team dynamics, approaches to service delivery, communication and collaboration.

Benefits To The Organization

Employees are more empowered:

“I’ve seen team members taking more responsibility and taking ownership of their
own behaviors (one of Enfield Council’s values). Team members identified where they can challenge themselves and continue to refer to the assessment and how they’ve been changing their behaviors several months on.”

“I’ve seen positive changes in colleagues as they have moved away from their traditional comfort zones and challenged themselves. The session has empowered some to be bolder in taking tasks forward, have “difficult”
conversations, etc.

Employees are more responsive to the needs of the community they serve:

“Recognizing that team members have different strengths has enabled us to see where/who is creative and likes to offer creative solutions to improve the
customer experience and service performance improvements.”

“Since reflecting on the report, I’ve proactively tried to end silo-working with my service and am always looking for ways to improve our service.”

Teams were happier and more inclusive:

“It has helped the team in relation to recognizing, valuing and respecting
individual work preferences so people can bring their whole selves to work.”

“I have seen a positive impact in the team respecting the differences in people’s work styles and working together as a cohesive team, understanding each other more.”

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