Leadership Impact 360

Review feedback from a range of key stakeholders on a leader’s impact across 9 critical business areas.

Accurately assess how team members perceive managerial figures and their contribution to the organization, assess a leader’s fit for your work culture and identify future leaders from your current talent pool.

Highlight Potential Leadership Blind Spots

The questionnaire combines self-perception and multi-source feedback to improve a leader’s self-awareness and drive targeted development.

With a quick 10-minute completion time, Impact 360 is the fastest, most effective way of getting a genuine overview of how your leaders are performing and revealing areas for improvement.

Leadership Impact 360questionnaire on a laptop
Leadership impact 360 report on an iPad

Deliver Powerful Leadership Development

Leadership Impact 360 uniquely presents an organizational perspective of the impact that leaders are having. The dual reporting facility enables effective leadership benchmarking, both internally and against industry comparison groups.

The tool matches directly to our Leadership Impact Expert reports and unique 3P (professional, people and pioneering) model for a holistic view of what defines effective leadership.

Leadership Impact 360 Can Be Used For:

Leadership impact 360 report on an iPad

Available online with just a 10-minute completion time via our assessment platform Oasys or our Bureau Service.

Requires a Wave® 360-accredited user to interpret and feedback data.
Find out more about this training here.

“The instruments are extremely powerful and the speed and efficiency of the bureau team was very impressive.”

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