Leadership Impact Practitioner Masterclass

This virtual masterclass is for Wave®-trained users looking to become experts in using our Leadership Impact model to transform how they assess and develop leadership talent.    

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Learn to Identify, Select and Develop Effective Leaders

Our approach to leadership assessment goes beyond measuring competencies, it focuses on measuring the impact of leaders and links specific behaviors with organizational outcomes.

On this one-day virtual course, you will learn to confidently use assessment tools that are built specifically for senior assessment and development.

Become an expert in utilizing both the Leadership Impact and Risk models to transform how you profile, identify, select and develop exceptional leaders.

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Course Overview

This highly engaging online course gives you a fresh perspective on the latest leadership trends, teaches you the background to the Leadership Impact and Risk models, illustrates how they compare to other frameworks and provides a hands-on opportunity to practice using the suite of reports.

You will need to be Wave-qualified to attend this masterclass. If you are Test User: Occupational Personality (Level B) qualified in another personality tool, you can complete our Wave Transfer course at a 50% discount to access the Leadership Impact course.

Why Attend?

Assessing Leadership Impact in the Workplace

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Each booking comes with a free Leadership Impact toolkit, including complimentary reports and an interactive Lead Talent Card Deck, worth more than £500!

“An excellent session on Leadership Impact and Leadership Risk. Thoroughly recommend for anyone wanting to focus on leadership impact within their organization to support talent development and talent acquisition”.

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