Test User: Occupational Ability and Personality
(BPS Level A & B)

4-Day Course

Get qualified to use the assessment portfolio that sets the market standard, having received 27/30 stars in the BPS independent review.

On this certification course, you will learn how to administer psychometric tests, interpret the results and deliver best-practice feedback to candidates.

The first two days of this course focus on the use of aptitude tests, while days three and four teach you how to confidently use personality questionnaires in the workplace.

BPS Accredited

Upon completion of this BPS-accredited training course, you will have immediate access to our award-winning suite of aptitude tests and Wave personality questionnaires, the most powerful predictors of performance and potential.

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    Upcoming Test User: Occupational Ability & Personality Courses

    Please Note: due to the ongoing situation with Covid-19, we will be offering the below psychometric testing training courses virtually:

    8th - 11th February 2021

    15th-16th   &   22nd-23rd March 2021

    21st-22nd   &   26th-27th April 2021

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    "The course director was engaging and excellent at explaining things, using fantastic examples that brought the materials to life"

    Talent Manager, Professional Services Organization

    Key Learning Objectives

    Our combined Test User: Occupational Ability and Personality course (BPS Level A & B Training) is recognized for its interactive, practical and engaging format and provides you with the skills and tools to improve how your organization hires, builds and leads talent.

    Days 1 & 2 - Test User: Occupational Ability (BPS Level A Training)

    Upon completion of these modules, you will gain full access to our industry-leading suite of aptitude tests, including the pioneering Swift ability combination test range.

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    "The Swift Executive Aptitude assessment was chosen due to it being able to assess the intellectual ability required for the role in a short timeframe whilst retaining good validity."

    During these modules you will learn to:

    • Conduct job role analysis
    • Administer ability test and interpret candidate results
    • Build efficient and robust screening processes
    • Ensure a fair and lawful selection process
    • Give best-practice candidate feedback

    Days 3 & 4 - Test User: Occupational Personality (BPS Level B Training)

    Upon completion of these modules you will be qualified to use the Wave personality questionnaires; the best-in-class predictors of workplace performance and potential.

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    Delegates will be able to:

    • Get immediate access to the full suite of Wave personality assessments and the knowledge to confidently use them
    • Minimize the risks associated with hiring decisions and shortlist the best candidates
    • Accurately identify potential and build talent pipelines
    • Delve deeper into individuals' personalities and provide high-quality candidate feedback
    • Use and interpret group dynamics with interactive reporting

    "We are constantly impressed by the value Wave adds to the business. The fact we are talking the same language at recruitment, onboarding and development presents a powerful force for the business."

    Who is this course for?

    This course requires no previous experience and is suitable for:

    • HR Professionals
    • Recruiters
    • Assessment Practitioners; Coaches, Leadership Development Practitioners
    • Talent Management Practitioners

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    Our range of psychometric testing courses teach you how to use our personality questionnaires and ability tests in the workplace to transform how your organization Hire, Build and Lead talent.

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