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The Challenge

The business was in a turnaround situation and needed to deliver their 2020 vision for growth through transformation.

To achieve this, they needed to drive a significant shift in leadership behavior, individually and as a team.

The Solution

The Leadership Impact report and Leadership Risk report were used alongside individual feedback sessions for more than 50 of the organization’s most senior leaders focusing on four core areas of Impact that were deemed strategically important for organization and the success of the transformation.

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Leadership risk analytics on a laptop

Leadership Analytics powered by the Impact and Risk models were used to present the group dynamics of the team, including joint strengths and challenge areas, whilst providing the structure for a targeted group training session focused on leadership effectiveness and change leadership.

Benefits To The Organization

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Enabled leaders to communicate a shared purpose for the transformation and future of the business.

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Encouraged collaboration and broke down silos by building organizational commitment and focus on cross-functional working.

Refocused on a growth mindset and encouraged a continuous feedback culture.

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