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Development of a newly-formed European leadership team

The Challenge

The organization were looking to put together a new leadership team, including a new CEO, and decide upon a new set of business priorities.

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They needed to gain insight into their leadership styles, both as individuals and as a team, and create space for reflection around how they would most effectively work together.

They identified key priority areas which the new team should focus on moving forward.

The Solution

Each leader completed the Saville Assessment Wave® Professional Styles questionnaire and partook in a one-to-one development feedback session exploring leadership styles, individual strengths and challenge areas.

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Leadership talent analytics on a laptop screen

The leaders explored how their individual leadership style interplayed with the others in the team, as well as exploring the leadership profile of the group in context of the new business priorities in a full-day facilitated workshop.

A further one-to-one session was conducted with each of the leaders to delve into their Leadership Risk profiles and the potential impact these have on their team and the wider organization.

Leadership risk analytics on a laptop

A final follow-up group session facilitated discussion about the team’s Leadership Risk profile as well as its impact on the organization and culture, along with an evaluation of progression made from phase one.

Benefits To The Organization

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A data-driven approach was implemented to facilitate a greater understanding of the collective strengths and potential risk areas of the team.

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Individuals had the opportunity to build comradery as a team and collectively agree key areas of focus for the team using a common language.

Shared recognition of the areas of development for the team and the types of activities to undertake to address these.

“The level of consciousness with which the team started to engage with each other, and in turn their team, after the workshop was remarkable.”


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