Thailand Oil & Gas Organization

Identifying Talent to Drive Transformation

The Challenge

Following a downturn in the market, a new business strategy was required to secure new markets and drive growth.

As a result of the new strategy, managers with the potential to successfully drive this transformation needed to be identified within the organization. Measurement needed to be objective, fair and recognize potential as well as consider past performance.

The Solution

We partnered with the client’s Talent Council of key internal stakeholders to oversee the project.

Following an initial screening process using CVs and performance data, successful candidates were asked to complete the Wave® Professional Styles and Wave Performance 360 questionnaires.

Leadership Impact Expert Selection Report on an iPad

The Leadership Impact Expert report was generated to illustrate the candidate’s leadership potential against nine key areas of leadership impact and 18 critical leadership styles aligned to organizational outcomes.

The Performance 360 Expert report was generated to illustrate current performance against future potential and present a well-rounded view of the candidate’s capabilities against the pre-identified success profile.

Performance 360 Expert report on an ipad

Candidate results were interpreted and findings presented to the Talent Council to inform their selection decisions.

Benefits To The Organization

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The Leadership Impact Expert report identified the candidates most aligned to the pre-identified success profiles most likely to achieve the organizational outcomes required.

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Creating a more streamlined process for the transformation project meant both candidates and HR were more engaged.

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Using online questionnaires to get a depth of data in a short timeframe meant the end-to-end project was delivered within a two-week timeframe.

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The streamlined process created a positive correlation with speed and cost of delivery.

Diversity & Inclusion icon

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

The introduction of the Wave Professional Styles and 360 questionnaires presented the Talent Council with objective performance and potential data to guide decisions and help reduce opportunity for human bias.

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