2023 Wrapped

A look back at our top 5 most read / watched / listened-to content of 2023!

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5. What is the true cost of hiring a bad manager?

Even with the best of intentions, good hiring practices can come unstuck when it comes to managers. We took a look at some of the implications related to poor leadership and why selecting good managers is so important.

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4. How psychometrics can support social mobility

Social mobility in the UK is in its worst state for over 50 years, according to a study showing that parental income is an increasingly significant predictor of an individual’s income at 28 years old. Laura attended the ISE EDI Conference and wrote up some of her key takeaways.

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3. A new era for Saville Assessment

In August, we unveiled our new branding following our acquisition by leading private equity investor Tenzing. Read more about the acquisition and our ambitious plans for growth…

2. Saville Assessment win at the 2023 ABP Awards

We were delighted to be named winners of Excellence in Early Careers Assessment & Selection for our work with Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) at the 2023 Association for Business Psychology Awards.  

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1. 'The Deep Dive' Podcast

2023 saw the launch of our inaugural podcast ‘The Deep Dive’. For episode 1, we welcomed Stu North, Head of Learning & Development at Quotient Sciences, to the sofa. The focus was leadership in STEM organizations…

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