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A New Era for Saville Assessment as it Unveils New Branding

2nd August 2023

Saville Assessment unveiled its new logo and branding today as European private equity investor Tenzing officially acquired the market-leading talent assessment business. The new branding will be rolled out over the coming months as Saville Assessment approaches its 20-year anniversary in April 2024.

Saville Assessment have been innovating how organizations Hire, Build and Lead their talent since 2004. The new logo uses four triangles forming an ‘S’ shape, representing how Saville earn the trust of their clients by doing things differently across four client commitments.

This new logo and brand provides clients with a visual reference of what sets us apart in the market. I can’t wait to showcase it when talking to clients about all the new and exciting developments we have coming up, underpinned by our four client commitments.

Hannah Mullaney, Client Solutions Director

Science – Doing Things Differently with Products You Can Trust

We put science at the heart of what we do. Our assessments have been developed through extensive research into workplace performance and potential by the industry’s leading psychometricians. We are proud to set the market standard for validity, helping our clients to confidently identify the right people for the right roles.

Security – Doing Things Differently with Technology You Can Trust

Your data security is our top priority. All of our data centers are ISO 27001 certified. Our Oasys platform is recognized for being built on a solid tech stack, regularly tested for fast performance and high resilience. Our clients and their candidates know they are using a platform they can rely on and that their data is safe with us.

Service – Doing Things Differently with Support You Can Trust

We match the quality of our assessments with quality care and support. Our client and candidate support team are renowned for their exceptional service, responding to all support queries within two hours. We elevate the candidate experience for our clients with the personal touch.

Skill – Doing Things Differently with Experts You Can Trust

We value the field of business psychology. Our clients don’t have to settle for less than an expert, with unrivalled access to our team of occupational psychologists. Our clients get better results by speaking to a team who understands what matters for best-practice talent assessment.  

These four client commitments come together, creating the doorway to potential.

Our assessments elicit truly unique people insights, helping them to be successful in the workplace. Our new branding represents this exciting new period in our history as we open the door to a new generation of solutions for our people and for our clients.

Rab MacIver, Research & Development Director

Saville Assessment’s mission is to positively impact the world of work by helping organizations and their people understand themselves better.

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