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Our team of experienced Business Psychologists bring a wealth of expertise in using our assessment portfolio to partner with you for the delivery of your assessment projects.

Whether timescales or resources are tight, you are looking to pilot using our psychometric assessments for the first time or would prefer our consultants to lead the way, we have the consultancy service to match your requirements.

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Our services include profile interpretation, hiring debriefs, group workshops and more. These can be delivered virtually or in-person and are highly scalable to suit a range of budgets and project sizes.

Individual Insights & Assessment Feedback

Our team bring their wealth of experience and best-practice expertise in using, interpreting and feeding back our assessments to support your individual assessment needs. This can include:

Group Workshops

Half-day interactive workshops powered by our leading-edge assessment products and facilitated by our expert team.

Let our expert consultants make group development in your organization hassle free by delivering a group workshop for you. We take care of administering the assessments, organizing the logistics and running the group session and exercises.

Our expert team will partner with you to:

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Understand your key objectives for the session

Create tailored communication templates to increase engagement

Prepare the participants for the session by sharing a pre-session activity

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Identify a suite of targeted exercises achieving the key objectives

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Professionally facilitate the session and encourage discussion in small break-out groups

Key take away actions icon

Identify key take-away actions for the group following the workshop

Group Workshop Options

Team Development Workshop, powered by Work Roles

Enhances how people collaborate and work across boundaries with a 3-step approach, helping people understand how they work individually, with others and as part of a team.

Navigating Change & Transformation Workshop, powered by Resilient Agility

Improve how people work together and support each other through change and transformation, building their resilience and agility to respond positively and maintain effectiveness.

Mitigating Leadership Risk Workshop, powered by Leadership Risk

Highlight the top risks of a leadership team, their potential unintended consequences on the organization and culture, and collectively create a path forward for success.

Personal Growth & Development Workshop, powered by the Development Report

Coming Soon

Sales Effectiveness Workshop, powered by the Sales Development Report

Coming Soon

“Recognizing that team members have different strengths has enabled us to see where/who is creative and likes to offer creative solutions to improve the customer experience and service performance improvements.”

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