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Language Availability

Below is information about the language availability of our assessments.

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	Language Availability Overview icon
Language Availability Overview
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Language Availability - International - For Internal Use Only
List of Translated Language Names
List of Translated Language Names

By Product

Abstract Reasoning Aptitude icon
Abstract Reasoning Aptitude
Wace Focus Styles icon
Wave Focus Styles
Job Profiler icon
Job Profiler
Match 6.5 icon
Match 6.5
	Performance 360 icon
Performance 360
Wave Professional Styles icon
Wave Professional Styles
Swift Analysis Aptitude icon
Swift Analysis Aptitude
Swift Analysis Verbal & Numerical
Swift Analysis Verbal & Numerical
Swift Comprehension Aptitude icon
Swift Comprehension Aptitude
Swift Executive Aptitude
Swift Executive Aptitude
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Work Strengths

By Region (Internal Use Only)

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Americas - For Internal Use Only
Asia Pacific icon
Asia Pacific - For Internal Use Only
CEEMA icon
CEEMA - For Internal Use Only
Western Europe
Western Europe - For Internal Use Only