Delivering a New Era of Customer Call Center Recruitment

Introducing Customer Situations

Our new hiring solution helps you quickly fill your call center vacancies with people more likely to impress your customers and stay with your organization.   

Customer Situations is a fast and immersive way to engage your candidates. Providing  realistic work previews, it showcases your organization and identifies individuals who are more likely to provide an effective and efficient service for your customers.   

Whether you are selecting for virtual or in-center call staff, our new Customer Situations test can help you engage candidates with your role and save on manual CV sifting and review time.  

Why Customer Situations?

Taking just 10 minutes to complete, it presents applicants with eight scenarios assessing how they would respond to a series of common situations they are likely to face in a customer call operative role, including: 

Customer Situations is available off-the-shelf or can be configured using your brand’s colors and style. We can also tailor the context of the situations to the reality of your work environment, helping your role stand out from your competitors. 

Example of Customer Situation Dashboard

Why Use Customer Situations?

Customer Situations increases the chances of identifying and retaining good call center staff, who in turn help impress and retain your customers.  

This assessment does just that. 

Our call center hiring solution provides you with: 

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