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Candidate Preparation Page

As part of the JLR recruitment process, you will be asked to complete three assessments. We ask you to set aside one hour to complete all three assessments.

Please click on the relevant tab below to view the preparation guides for the three assessments. We strongly recommend familiarising yourself with the format of the assessments before attempting them.

If you have need for any reasonable adjustments, it is important that you make these known immediately, so we can support you and allow appropriate accommodations to be made.

If you have any queries about online testing as part of the JLR application process, please contact:

For Apprentices – [email protected]

For Undergraduates and Graduates – [email protected]

Situational Judgment Test icon
Situational Judgement Test
Match 6.5 icon
Match 6.5 Personality Assessment
Aptitude tests icon
Aptitude Assessments

Situational Judgement Test

The Situational Judgement Test is designed to assess abilities, relative to the role for which you are applying to at JLR. The assessment is suitable for people who have little or no practical work experience.

The Assessment

In this assessment you will be presented with workplace scenarios which those in Early Careers roles could experience whilst working at JLR.

In each scenario you will be given some background information to consider presented in a video, followed by four different possible actions.

You are required to judge the effectiveness of each action using a rating scale that ranges from ‘Extremely Ineffective’ to ‘Extremely Effective’.

Please look at the example below. In the example, the action has been rated as ‘Fairly Effective’.

SJT scale

How to approach the assessment

IT Considerations

Match 6.5

Match 6.5 is a questionnaire that measures workplace behaviours that are important for the role for which you are applying to at JLR.

Completing Match 6.5

The questionnaire is presented in blocks of six statements which you are asked to rate on a nine-point scale, ranging from 1 – ‘Very Strongly Disagree’ to 9 – ‘Very Strongly Agree’. Please enter your responses by selecting the appropriate rating for each statement. You must respond to every statement to progress to the next page.

Statement 1:It is important to me to know how well I have done

Selected: Agree

Statement 2:I am an optimist

Selected: Agree

Statement 3:I am good at generating ideas

Selected: Unsure

Statement 4:Using technology is one of my strong points

Strongly Disagree
Selected: Strongly Disagree

Statement 5:I am good at understanding how others feel

Very Strongly Agree
Selected: Very Strongly Agree

Statement 6:I am someone who is confident when meeting new people

Very Strongly Agree
Selected: Very Strongly Agree
In the example, the respondent has indicated that they:

Because the respondent has given the same rating to two pairs of statements, these are presented again and the respondent is asked to indicate which statement is most like them and which statement is least like them.

Match 6.5 example

How to approach Match 6.5

When completing the questionnaire, it is important you consider the following points:

Aptitude Tests

Employers often use aptitude tests as part of their assessment procedures for the selection and development of staff. An aptitude test is used to determine a candidate’s cognitive ability. It can include verbal and numerical reasoning, as well as other areas relevant to the role in question.

How to approach Aptitude Tests

Online Practice Tests

Complete realistic timed practice questions online by selecting the appropriate link below.

While you are in a practice test you can complete the questions as many times as you like. To re-access a practice test after you have opted to Finish, simply select the required link again. You will be given on-screen feedback for each question that you answer.

The purpose of the practice tests is to familiarise you with the format of the actual test and working to time limits. The difficulty of the example questions does not necessarily represent the difficulty level of the test itself.

We recommend that you practice aptitude tests, by using the tools below in conjunction with other freely available, online testing examples.

Swift Analysis Aptitude

This Practice test is for candidates applying to any Undergraduate or Graduate roles at JLR.

Swift Apprentice Aptitude

This Practice test is for candidates applying to Level 3 Apprentice roles at JLR.

Swift Comprehension Aptitude

This Practice test is for candidates applying to Level 6 or Level 7 Apprentice roles at JLR.