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Deliver a New Era of Logistics Recruitment

“According to ONS vacancies data, transport, logistics and warehouse job adverts are 75% above the average.”

“Many firms are finding themselves needing to fill roles quickly but are struggling with capacity to undergo the hiring process. This is where tools to make this process as efficient and successful as possible are gaining traction.”*

Become an early adopter of our new logistics combination assessment package to efficiently and effectively fill the critical delivery driver and courier roles in your organization.

Why Logistics Solutions?

Logistics Situations is a fast way to identify individuals who can meet the criteria to become delivery drivers and couriers. As vacancies for these roles increase and organizations look to new and emerging talent pools to fill these roles, accessing this solution for free as an early-adopter could be exactly what you have been looking for.

Taking just 15 minutes to complete, it presents applicants with 12 scenarios assessing how they would respond to a series of common situations they are likely to face in a delivery driver and courier role including:

Opportunities available to include your brand colors and style as well as tailor the situations to the reality of your roles.

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Why Match 6.5?

Included in the early-adopter logistics assessment package is Match 6.5, powered by Wave. This short behavioral screener takes just six and a half minutes to complete. It predicts with unrivalled reliability a candidate’s potential across core areas including processing details, structuring tasks and evaluating information.

When used in conjunction with a situation-based assessment it has produced  outstanding results. An award-winning project using this assessment combination demonstrated that strong performance on the assessment correlated with strong performance in role and crucially, retention; a critical factor for the logistics sector right now.  

Why Become An Early Adopter?

Having the tools to make recruiting drivers and couriers as efficient and effective as possible is critical as vacancies continue to swell. This combined assessment does just that and, even better, as an early-adopter you get to use it free of charge.

As an early-adopter you will get:

*Smart Recruiter. 
**For your early-adopter project. 

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