Wave® Professional Styles Handbook

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Wave® Professional Styles Handbook

Please follow the links in order to access downloadable chapters of the Wave Professional Styles Handbook. The handbook includes information on the validity, reliability and fairness of the Wave model, as well as case studies and applications of use.

Wave Styles assessments are built around one integrated model based on a rich understanding of personal motives, talents, competency potential and preferred culture. The concepts of motive and talent are central to the structure and have real implications for selection, individual development, career planning and performance.

The questionnaires have been developed (and continue to be developed) using a variety of development strategies, but at the core is a performance-driven, validation-centric strategy.

At the heart of Wave assessment tools is the Wave Performance Culture Framework model: an extensively researched model of the key characteristics that underpin success at work across different occupations. This model has been the starting point for our product development, because evidence from validation studies show that the Wave characteristics positively relate to actual work performance.

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