Moments of Truth
Webcast Series

Hitting the moments that matter to improve the
employee experience

“One of the most growing sea changes in the workplace is the realization among organizations of every size that the Employee Experience (EX) is as critical as the customer experience.” – Forbes  

A High-Performance Employee Experience ensures people flourish and organizations prosper. It drives better engagement, better productivity, better retention and better financial performance.

WTW is the only organization with an integrated suite of tools, research and expertise to help you build an exceptional employee experience across the talent cycle.

Saville Assessment EX Model

In this three-part webcast series we focused on each key area of the talent cycle, looking through the lens of EX:


  • Spotlight the EX moments that matter
  • Share how clients have successfully addressed these
  • Showcase practical solutions to help you deliver a High-Performance Employee Experience

Thursday 26th May 2022

Hiring people who are right for your organization is an essential prerequisite for excellent EX.

In this session we focused on how organizations can address the EX moments that matter to candidates active in the job market, including:

  • Understanding the organization they could be joining and the role on offer
  • Assessing them fairly and without bias
  • Helping them create a path for progression and a career in which they will thrive

Thursday 23rd June 2022

11am-11:45am BST
12pm-12:45pm CET
2pm-2:45pm GST
6pm-6:45pm SST

Opportunities to grow and develop are the number one driver for better retention.

In this session we looked at how organizations can maximize EX by supporting people to achieve their full potential and helping them to:

  • Understand their strengths and work style as part of successful personal development
  • Collaborate effectively to feel part of a great team achieving things together
  • Recognize how they respond to change and thrive in their career

Thursday 7th July 2022

11am-11:45am BST
12pm-12:45pm CET
2pm-2:45pm GST
6pm-6:45pm SST

Leaders are responsible for inspiring an organization’s culture and driving the key factors for delivering a High-Performance-Employee-Experience. 

In this session we looked at ways HR can work with leaders to help their people feel:

  • Proud and part of a successful organization
  • Inspired and confident in the organization and leaders they work for
  • Invested in and supported to find growth opportunities