Wave® Job Profiler

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Wave® Job Profiler

This online multi-rater Job Profiler maximizes the power of the internet to gather different perspectives across the Wave Performance Model. It can be used across geographies very quickly providing fast, standardized consultation at a cost-effective rate.

It is used in:

  • Profiling requirements for new and existing roles
  • Building competency or leadership frameworks


  • Quick and easy to use - completion takes 10-minutes and can include up to 50 raters
  • Improves role and person specifications
  • Highlights differing views on key requirements
  • Applicable across roles and sectors
  • Provides comprehensive data - including behavior, ability and global measures
  • Open text questions - are used to clarify job purpose and specific requirements


Raters use a seven point importance scale ranging from 'Not important' to 'Critical' across the Wave behavior, ability and global measures.

The report shows each stakeholder's rating across the measures. A summarized response is then shown for the total rater group. Responses to two open text questions conclude the report.

A 10 minute online multi-rater questionnaire that quickly and efficiently gathers a number of individual perspectives on new or existing job roles.


Online administration via our assessment platform Oasys or via our Bureau Service.

Completion Time:

  • 10 minutes - Wave Job Profiler

Requires an accredited Wave trained user to oversee its use.

Complimentary webinar briefings are available and recommended.

Sample Report

PDF Icon Sample Job Profiler Report