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A New Evolution in Retail Recruitment

“Talent attraction and retention is especially key to the industry right now and implementing tech-based solutions will help improve this into 2022 and beyond.” (The Retailers Guide 2022)

Become an early adopter of our new retail combination assessment solutions to meet these challenges head on. Our new retail-focused online assessment package gives you an extremely efficient way to identify retail talent, increase the odds of them staying and simultaneously boost your brand.  

Why Retail Situations?

Retail Situations is a fast and immersive assessment solution that engages candidates with your brand and increases the chances of you identifying the best people to represent it.

Taking just 15 minutes to complete, it presents applicants with 12 scenarios assessing how they would respond to a series of common workplace situations, measuring key areas including:

Opportunities available to include your brand colors and style as well as tailor the situations to your retail environment.

Customer situations assessment on a laptop
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Why Match 6.5?

Included in the early-adopter retail assessment package is Match 6.5, powered by Wave. This short behavioral screener takes just six and a half minutes to complete. It predicts with unrivalled reliability a candidate’s potential across core areas including building relationships, giving support, communicating information and processing details.

When used in conjunction with a situation-based assessment, it has demonstrated outstanding results. A global insurance company found that individuals who performed well on this assessment combination sold more policies than those who didn’t, averaging an extra $248,000 per year, per person.  

Why Become An Early Adopter?

Attracting the right talent before competitors do ranks highest on the retail agenda for 2022. This combined assessment solution does just that and, even better, as an early adopter you get to use it free of charge.

As an early-adopter you will get:

*For your early-adopter project. 

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