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6 Ways Wave® Will Drive Sales Performance

30th November 2020

Wave is a personality assessment that provides deep insight into selling style and predicted competence. Used properly, it can unlock the potential of your salesforce.

Here are 6 ways Wave will drive sales performance.


01. Focus on the sales behaviors that matter

Wave measures personal characteristics that are highly predictive of overall sales performance. These characteristics predict competence across the sales cycle.

Whatever the focus of your current sales strategy, Wave measures the behaviors and characteristics that will be most impactful.

Solving Problems


Asks the customer questions to better understand their motivations and needs, and looks to improve things by analyzing and interpreting information.


Applies technical expertise and uses creative thinking to offer original ideas and solutions to customers.

Influencing People


Puts customers at ease and builds strong customer relationships through networking and attracting attention.


Presents information eloquently, handles challenges confidently and uses persuasion to change customer views.

Adapting Approaches


Copes well with change, handles pressure and remains positive when dealing with setbacks in the sales process.


Supports others and works co-operatively to ensure group targets are achieved.

Delivering Results


Takes an organized approach to sales, ensuring standards are maintained for the organization and the customer.


Takes decisive action when identifying sales opportunities and ambitiously pursues sales targets to ensure they are achieved.


02. Profile selling styles in a whole new way

Wave offers a deep dive into an individual’s selling style, deconstructing the sales process into discrete behaviors. It gives you an insight into self-perceived motivation and talent, and highlights potential blindspots. Moreover, an individual’s profile is benchmarked against other salespeople.

This insight helps individuals make best use of their personal selling style, creating a more impactful sales experience for customers.

Sales Style Profile report page


03. Have your salesforce embrace a growth mindset

By encouraging your salesforce to build on their strengths and develop their challenge areas, you give each individual an opportunity to improve their sales craft. Wave Sales Development reports provide a detailed account of these relative strengths and challenge areas in a tailored form for each individual.

If your salesforce can successfully adopt a growth mindset, it has the ability to evolve with changing circumstances and shifting demands.

Sales compentency development report page


04. Hire with more confidence

Once you have identified the characteristics that are of most importance to your sales strategy, Wave will identify who will best meet these requirements. Wave Sales Interview Guides give you an indication of relative ‘fit’ and provide competency-based sales questions that seek to validate strength areas while also probing any areas of potential concern.

By increasing the structure and consistency of your hiring process, you are more likely to hire a salesperson who can impact your sales function in the way that you want.

Sales competency questions report page


05. Bring the bigger picture to life with interactive analytics

Whether you use Wave in recruitment or development, you have bigger-picture insights at your fingertips. Through Wave’s group analytics tool you can quickly see the tendencies of your salesforce, including group-level strength and challenge areas that are benchmarked against our external sales norms.

Watch this short video to see the power of Sales Analytics.

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06. Take an empirical approach to understanding sales performance

As sales performance is often tracked through a variety of indicators (KPIs, performance management, reward systems, etc.) it provides a unique opportunity to run a comprehensive predictive study.

Such a study can shed light into what particular characteristics/sales behaviors have significant statistical relationships with sales performance in your organization. This insight provides an opportunity to make data-driven talent decisions that can feed into your sales strategy.

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