Building Resilient Agility

Change and transformation isn’t new, but the current pace is unprecedented and accelerating.

Having employees who are comfortable with complexity and possess the emotional resilience to adapt to change is increasingly important to the success of organizations. Powered by Wave®, Resilient Agility can help you identify and develop individuals who are more likely to be effective during times of change.

What is Resilient Agility?

Resilient Agility is a unique form of agility that is robust and can be maintained over the long term. Individuals who possess it are more likely to be effective during times of change and have the capacity to be agile when needed most. These behaviors are closely linked to high performance and potential in the workplace.

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Our Unique Resilient Agility Model

Resilient Agility uses data generated from our award-winning Wave personality questionnaire to identify individuals who have the agility to respond positively to change as well as the resilience and drive to see it through.

The Resilient Agility Model was designed using:

The building resilient agility model show four areas, dealing with change, maintaining drive, staying connected and Enabling new ways of working

4 Key Drivers of Resilient Agility

Each underpinned by 5 behavioral dimensions

Dealing with

Embracing change positively. Managing uncertainty with composure.


Making and maintaining connections. Actively participating and communicating.

Enabling New Ways of Working

Using insights to forge new directions at work. Ensuring effective work plans are delivered.


Capitalizing on the opportunities change presents. Keeping everyone focused on key work objectives.

Scalable Solutions - Easy to Interpret Outputs

Resilient Agility can be generated upon completion of Wave Focus Styles (13 mins) and Wave Professional Styles (35 mins) and is available without accreditation training.

The combination of individual reports and group analytics support both team-based change management and large-scale transformation.

The Building Resilient Agility Report

Group Analytics

Building resilient agility analytics on a laptop

Group Workshop Toolkit

Access our easy-to-deliver Building Resilient Agility Toolkit and provide groups of individuals greater insight into their collective capacity for being effective during change and transformation.

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This toolkit can be used virtually or in person and includes:

Our highly-experienced business psychologists can also run these sessions on your behalf. Get in touch to discuss the best option for you.

What Can Resilient Agility Be Used For?


Building Resilient Agility supports people during change and transformation and can be leveraged as a key part of the communication strategy.

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Early Careers

Resilient Agility provides a valid, practical and user-friendly model to engage the early-careers market.

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Build individuals confidence for dealing with change and transformation and provide practical tips to improve their capacity for Resilient Agility.

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Client Success Stories

A wide variety of organizations are using Resilient Agility to support their people navigate change and transformation.

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Providing leaders of a North American bank collective insight into how they are positioned to deal with change as part of the move to a new working environment.

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Increasing resilience and agility in the next generation of workers with the Global Youth Alliance.

Supporting the development and delivery of a change management strategy with a North American Automotive Organization.

Helping the D,E&I team at a global catering company work effectively together as the business adapted to new ways of working.

“Change is happening at a more rapid pace now than ever and finding tools to adjust to change is critical to both business and personal success.”

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Find out more

Our team will be happy to discuss how Resilient Agility can help you identify those who will thrive during times of change.

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