Career Guidance Report

Powered by Wave®, the Career Guidance Report is a straightforward and effective report for career planning.

It is a valuable tool for those at the early stages of their career, or those considering a career change.

The Career Guidance Report is generated from the results of our Wave Focus Styles personality questionnaire and matched against the behavioral areas within it for detailed insight into the type of career and roles an individual is best suited to.

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This dynamic report includes 5 areas to support career guidance conversations:


This section provides an easy-to-interpret overview of an individual’s relative strengths based on the result of our Wave personality questionnaire – the most powerful predictor of workplace performance and potential available.

Signature Strengths

Visually displays an individual’s strength areas, matched against the 12 behavioral sections of our Wave personality model. It also provides practical tips and advice on leveraging these strengths in the workplace and creating impact.

Challenge Areas

This part of the report helps individuals understand their challenge areas and how they can reduce risk on workplace performance with practical tips and advice.

Career Area Chart

At the end of the report, users are presented with an insight into their top 3 career areas.

Career Area Fit

This details the key strengths that underpin each career area and how these align to the typical role requirements, allowing them to make informed decisions on which careers may suit them and their skills.

The Career Guidance Report can be used to:

Career Guidance report challenge area
Career Area fit report page on an iPad

It is a highly-valuable tool for:

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Career Coaching Toolkit

We also provide a range of support materials to help you get the most out of the Career Guidance Report.

The Report User Guide explains the content of the report, how to interpret it, as well as best-practice recommendations for using it.

The Career Guidance Conversation Guide provides a series of discussion areas, suggested questions and recommendations to facilitate meaningful career coaching and career development conversations.

Get the Insight You Need Quickly & Efficiently

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Simple Set Up and Global Reach

The Career Guidance report is currently available in 18 different languages and can be administered via your own Oasys platform or via the Saville Assessment Bureau Team.

“It was very enriching; the language used is very clear and it helped me realize what my strengths are”

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