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Experience Wave for yourself to better understand how our award-winning assessment can help you Hire, Build and Lead Talent.

Use Wave to draw deeper insights into an individual’s behavioural styles in the workplace and accurately identify their potential to succeed!

Make the Extraordinary Possible

Our dynamic Wave Personality Questionnaires put the most powerful predictor of workplace performance and potential in your hands.

Powerful Research

Underpinned by 15 years of big data and global research, Wave’s power of prediction is unrivalled.

Intuitive Design

The Wave questionnaires interact with the user to unlock an individual’s true potential.  

Insightful Reports

A suite of reports can be generated from Wave including expert reports for a richer level of insight and easy-to-interpret business user reports.

Interactive Analytics

Bring the bigger picture to life with dynamic, on-demand dashboards available free of charge for projects with 3 or more participants.
Wave goes beyond other personality questionnaires ensuring you select an develop exceptional talent.

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“We are constantly impressed by the value Wave adds to the business. We use the tool and associated reports with our talent throughout their time with us. The fact we are talking the same language at onboarding and development means our approach to talent is consistent and better aligned. “

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