Software Organization

Building collaboration and team effectiveness following a demerger

The Challenge

An innovative software company had recently been through a demerger process where the expected benefits of providing a unified software offering, following a merger 10 years prior, had failed to materialize.

Broadly speaking, the demerger was viewed as a positive decision by employees but had resulted in some changes to team structures, in preparation for the organization to operate fully independently again.

The newly-formed UK Sales Leadership Team wanted to create a shared understanding of the strengths and challenge areas of the team to help them work more effectively to drive the new organization forward.

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The Solution

We partnered with the organization to conduct a half-day team development session utilizing the powerful Work Roles model for the UK Sales Leadership Team.

Each leader completed the Saville Assessment Wave® Professional Styles questionnaire and partook in a one-to-one development feedback session utilizing the Wave Personal Report, exploring their individual strengths and challenges, and reflecting on actions to enhance and develop these areas.

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Following the one-to one development sessions, the full team attended a half-day team development session consisting of:

Benefits To The Organization

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Utilization of online technology to gather data in an efficient manner to provide meaningful insight into both individual and team strengths, as well as the challenges that impact organizational performance.

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Application of tangible action plans to help the team reach their goal of driving the organization forward. These included ideas on how to work in a less siloed manner as a team and communicating more effectively to the wider sales teams they managed.

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Enabling the team to understand one another’s style, helping them to engage and collaborate more effectively.

The UK Sales Leadership team appreciated the benefits of the session, and the insights gleaned, to the extent that they cascaded the approach down the organization, with the Work Roles sessions being conducted with each of their respective sales teams.

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