Coaching Report

Our Coaching Report breaks down the barriers associated with traditional coaching programs, bringing organizations a solution that can be delivered in-house and virtually.

Equip managers with a tailored targeted & straightforward coaching approach.

Empower individuals to self-coach and support their Continued Professional Development (CPD).

Report available to all without accreditation training via Wave Focus Styles and Wave Professional Styles personality questionnaires.

Coaching is key for unlocking a High-Performance Employee Experience, but its benefits aren’t always available for all.

Coaching programs are a valuable method for developing capability but can be resource intensive. The Coaching Report facilitates the creation of a coaching culture which is accessible for all.


  • Underpinned by highly-valid research into the behaviors that are most predictive of workplace performance and potential, maximizing the capability of the workforce.
  • Creates an in-house coaching culture, improving talent retention and employee motivation.
  • Provides quick and easy-to-deliver coaching solution suitable for large numbers, extending the power of coaching beyond the leadership team.
  • Encourages a High Performance Employee Experience, elevating talent management programs to develop and improve performance.


  • Equips managers with a powerful data-driven approach to coaching in an easy-to-deliver format.
  • Provides a framework to co-ordinate meaningful, targeted and tailored coaching activity that will have a positive long-term impact on employees.
  • The interactive report format seamlessly facilitates virtual coaching and development conversations & planning.
  • Improves manager coaching capability, helping them feel empowered and individuals invested in.


  • Encourages individuals to develop challenge areas and capitalize on areas of strength in line with role requirements and future goals.
  • Improves self-awareness by shining a light on the risk of potential overplayed strengths and their resulting consequences.
  • Helps individuals work with their managers to find opportunities to leverage their strengths and development areas through collaboration with others.
  • Suitable for self-coaching with supporting user guide for continued professional development (CPD).

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