Coaching Report

Our dynamic Coaching Report breaks down the barriers of traditional coaching and offers a scalable, cost-effective and straightforward tool for delivering coaching programs.

Powered by Wave®, the most powerful predictor of workplace performance and potential, it targets the behaviors that really matter, elevating the outcomes of coaching activity.

Deliver Dynamic, Scalable & Effective Coaching Programs

Coaching programs have the power to positively impact the entire organization. However, most coaching programs are not designed to serve large groups.

Our coaching report can be delivered virtually or face-to-face and facilitates large-scale development activities, with tangible organizational outcomes.

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The report focuses on 3 key areas:

Core Strengths
Challenge Areas
Coaching Plan

The report provides information on an individual’s top strengths to help raise self-awareness and prompt actions.

Building Strengths

Provides tips on how an individual can build and capitalize on their strengths to match the requirements of their role.

Working Effectively with Others

Provides tips to help the individual and their manager find opportunities and ways for the individual to use their strengths and accelerate their development.

Using Strengths Well

Provides some insight to consider situations where there is a risk of the individual overplaying their strengths and the resulting consequences.

This section helps individuals think about their top challenge areas and what they need to do differently to achieve their goal or outcome.

Developing Challenge Areas

Provides tips on how to develop and manage an individual’s limitations.

Working Effectively with Others

Provides tips on how the manager or wider organization can help find ways to support their development.

The Coaching Plan section encourages the individual to reflect on the key activities they plan to undertake as part of their development across the coming months, giving them tangible targets, and you visible results.

Coaching plan page from the report

The report can be generated from both the Wave Focus Styles (13 mins) and Wave Professional Styles (35 mins) questionnaires and is available with no accreditation training.

Unleash a coaching
culture for:

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The Organization


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Elevate a wide range of coaching initiatives…

One-to-One Coaching

Provide colleagues with structured insight into building strengths and developing challenge areas for paired learning.

Manager-Led Coaching

Empower managers to have meaningful coaching conversations.

Creating an Inclusive Coaching Culture

Facilitate ongoing coaching support with accessible tools that can be applied across all levels.

In-House Programs

Equip L&D and HR professionals to deliver coaching programs with straightforward and powerful solutions.


Support materials guide individuals on a coaching journey from preparation to action planning and review.

“Successful coaching programs that operate at scale, are well planned, executed based on data and are designed around a high-tech and high-touch model.”

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