Pinpoint & Power Potential

Wave-i is an end-to-end solution for strategically identifying & developing emerging talent and leaders. It offers a new way of measuring potential to accurately reveal the types of career or leadership roles individuals will thrive in.

A New Way of Looking at Potential

The landscape of work is changing and so is the type of leaders organizations need. Wave-i dives deep into potential, separating the great from the good.

Underpinned by more than 15 years of big data, Wave-i’s unique model focusses on 3 key areas:

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Potential for What?

Capture the key characteristics of potential and what’s required to create impact in your organization.

Potential for Where?

Explore alignment to different types of leadership roles and create career paths for consistent performers.

Potential according to Whom?

Positively impact the diversity of pipelines with a transparent and inclusive process, underpinned by uncompromising fairness and reliability.

Find out more about Wave-i in this short video

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Scores of potential are generated, enabling you to make fast and effective decisions

Leadership potential benchmarked against our research, flexed to the nuance of your role and organization.

Illustrates a natural orientation to a type of leadership role, or type of career track.

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Wave-i Goes Beyond Other Measures of Potential

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Career Potential Development Report

Generated using data collated from Wave-i, our groundbreaking Career Potential Development Report illustrates the career paths that an individual shows potential for, allowing you to make targeted development decisions backed up with real data.

This dynamic report…

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What Can Wave-i Be Used For?

Talent Audits
Succession Planning
M&A and Transformation
Early Potential Identification

Benchmark potential in a quick & dynamic way

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Build stronger pipelines fairly, objectively & purposefully

group of three people discussing succession planning

Successfully shape a new future with the right leaders

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Be a step ahead of aligning future stars with future growth

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Wave-i is used across a range of sectors for a variety of projects where identifying potential is paramount

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Global Technology

Identifying ‘Future Stars’ for a leadership development program

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Healthcare & Consumer Goods Manufacturer

Development of future leaders

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Global Events

Redefining what leadership looked like post transformation

“Thanks for the presentation yesterday – really great to understand more on the new products. Love that you guys keep innovating.”

Talent Lead – Financial Information Organization

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