Wave® Performance 360

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Wave® Performance 360

The Wave Performance 360 online assessment enables a range of relevant individuals to rate a colleague's performance at work. How an individual perceives themselves and how this compares to other people's perceptions of them is a powerful feedback tool.

The Wave Performance 360 is designed for use in:

  • Personal development
  • Coaching
  • Leadership development
  • Delivering insightful feedback


  • Quick completion - the 10-minute completion time ensures a fast turn-around and minimal organizational disruption to larger projects.
  • High validity - the 360 is built to provide structured feedback on the behaviors which are most predictive of performance and potential in the workplace.
  • Benchmarking - dual reporting records actual ratings and a comparison against external data.
  • Qualitative and quantitative feedback - open questions add richness and provide examples to complement numerical ratings.
  • Configurable - the Wave model can be mapped to organizational competency frameworks.


The 360 report summarizes responses from different raters to the 39-45 questions across a seven-point effectiveness scale. There are four rater categories.

Ratings are shown across 36 dimensions and summary data is presented across the 12 Wave sections. Narrative responses to three open questions are also shown.

Wave Performance 360 online assessment delivers individual feedback in the most powerful way.


Online administration via our assessment platform Oasys or our Bureau Service.

Completion Time:

  • 10 minutes - Wave Performance 360

Requires a Wave 360 accredited user.

Sample Reports

 Wave Performance 360 and Ability Report

 Wave Performance 360 Development Report