Global Insurance Company

Improving Manager Effectiveness

The Challenge

A well-known insurance company was embarking on a large-scale management capability scheme.

group of three people discussing succession planning

The Solution

As part of the development program, the organization wanted to incorporate an in-depth psychometric assessment tool.

Saville Assessment recommended the Work Roles Reports which provided managers with their alignment against the eight roles from our Work Roles model.

Work Role interactive talent analytics wheel
Work Roles report on an iPad

Managers then took our Wave® Professional Styles personality questionnaire (40 mins) and took part in a series of development sessions using their personal Work Roles report.

The sessions were designed to provide individuals with insight into their management style and guidance on how to work with individuals with contrasting work styles.

Train-the-trainer sessions up-skilled internal leaders to facilitate team building sessions within their own departments.

This encouraged open conversations across the organization around strengths, development areas and how to use one another’s preferred styles to work more effectively together.

woman discussing data with a colleague

Benefits To The Organization

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People Managers within the business were provided with unique and targeted development advice to enhance their management style.

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People Managers have facilitated their own team workshops; focussing on improving team dynamics and encouraging colleagues to work more closely with their opposites, using one another’s strengths.

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Managers became aware of the potential consequences associated with their preferred style being ’overplayed’.

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