Wave® Performance 360

Deepen your insight and drive powerful development conversations with Wave Performance 360, our fast and effective multi-rater tool.

Unrivalled Performance Feedback

This dynamic multi-rater tool combines self-perception and feedback from colleagues to improve self-awareness and reveal potential blind spots.

Ratings are measured against the key characteristics for successful workplace performance, giving real meaning to feedback and development actions.

Common Challenges Our Wave Performance 360 Assessment Can Help With:

“We lack structure in
capturing feedback from
different people”

“Feedback is only provided by senior individuals”

“Feedback is usually given verbally and we don’t have a way of quantifying it”

“Performance reviews are inconsistent across the business”

“Our current 360 tool requires too much time from raters”

“The areas that individuals receive feedback about are not always relevant to workplace success”

The Wave Performance 360 Questionnaire

Raters indicate the effectiveness of an individual against critical work areas, with the opportunity to provide narrative commentary to complement numerical ratings.

Performance 360 on a laptop

Performance 360 can be used in conjunction with the Wave Focus Styles (13 mins) and Wave Professional Styles (35 mins) questionnaire to powerfully bridge the gap between performance and potential.

Wave Performance 360 Expert Report

Powerful report for driving in-depth development conversations for improving self-awareness.

Performance 360 Expert report on an ipad

Wave Performance 360 Development Report

Performance 360 Development report on an iPad

Bridges the gap between diagnosing development needs and implementing actionable advice.

What Can Performance 360 Be Used For?

Performance 360 on a mobile

What Makes Wave Performance 360 Different?

Predictive Power

The Wave Performance 360 Questionnaire is underpinned by the Wave Performance Culture Framework; the most powerful predictor of workplace performance and potential.

Better Benchmarking

The unique dual-reporting facility captures ratings and comparisons against an external benchmark; enhancing the objectivity and meaning of the feedback collected.

Faster Feedback

The questionnaire gathers a unique level of insight in just 10 minutes, making it an extremely efficient and effective development tool.

See how a global events company used Wave Performance 360 to identify and develop exceptional leaders.

The Wave Performance 360 Expert Report is available with just a 10-minute completion time and is available online via our assessment platform Oasys or our Bureau Service.

Requires a Wave 360-accredited user to interpret and feedback data.
Find out more about this training here.

“We are using the Wave Performance 360 with senior academic and management colleagues who are getting real benefit from the process. The unique design of this tool makes it quick and easy for raters to use.”

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Harness the Power of Performance 360

Our team would love to discuss your development project with you and how 360 can make a real difference to your organization.

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