Match 6.5 – the faster, smarter way to hire

Here are some of the common hiring challenges we hear from organizations:

“Our process is taking too long to collect the data we need, or is quick to complete but adds no real value."

“We are manually scoring applications and it's taking up too much time and too much resource.”

“The criteria being used to screen candidates is not linked to the demands of the role and we are not identifying the right candidates.”

Does This Sound Familiar to You?

With Match 6.5, powered by Wave, it needn’t be the case.

Taking just six and a half minutes to complete, Match 6.5 collects all the critical data you need to make quicker, better and fairer selection decisions.

How Does it Work?

Candidates complete a short self-report assessment, measuring 36 critical work areas.

Match 6.5 questionnaire on laptop

Match 6.5’s intelligent scoring algorithm produces a role fit score for each candidate, helping you identify candidates most suited to the demands and requirements of the job.

Fitscore Display

A detailed candidate feedback report is generated presenting practical information on a candidate's top two talents and can be shared without the need for a feedback call.

Match 6.5 report

See the Results for Yourself

Match 6.5 recently formed part of an award-winning selection process for a Global Insurer, securing the Excellence in Assessment award at the Association of Business Psychologists (ABP) Workforce Experience Awards 2020.

The organization was looking to recruit new salespeople to help sell more policies and achieve their vision of growth. It was crucial to them that individuals selected had the right skills and behaviors to thrive in the role.

The insurer combined Match 6.5 with a bespoke Situational Judgment Test (SJT) to assess how candidates would behave in realistic workplace scenarios.

Individuals who performed better on the blended assessment were found to sell more policies than those who scored lower on the assessment - averaging $248,000 more in sales per year, per person.

Find out more by watching the short video below or by downloading the case study here:

Saville Assessment ABP Award Winning Project

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