Aptitude Tests

Our flexible and comprehensive aptitude test portfolio measures the core abilities relevant for a range of roles, from entry level through to managers and executives.

Our aptitude tests ensure you identify individuals with the mental agility to meet the requirements of the role. Our suite of online tests continue to set the market standard, from the pioneering Swift combination tests, the innovative Swift Global, to our dynamic group dashboards.

Why Use Our Aptitude Tests?

Current and work-relevant items measuring the core abilities required for the role

Dynamic group reporting drives faster and more reliable decisions underpinned by accurate data

Short completion times – Swift combination tests measuring 3 to 6 key areas in one test

Varied and modern range of questions offering a breadth of measurement and positive candidate experience

High-quality practice and preparation materials available in over 28 languages

Fixed-length format ensures a fairer experience for candidates with a gradual increase in difficulty

Swift Combination Tests

Our pioneering Swift Aptitude tests efficiently assess the core aptitudes required for a range of roles in one smart combination assessment. Candidates benefit from one login and assessment completion, and recruiters receive one total score and individual sub scores in a single easy-to-interpret report.

The range of tests spans a variety of roles and industries, find out more below:

Swift global aptitude on a mobile
Swift Analysis
Aptitude Range

This test range includes 3 combinations popular for assessing graduates, management trainees, managers, professionals, and directors.

This test range includes combinations of tests measuring 2 to 3 aptitudes, including verbal, numerical, diagrammatic and abstract reasoning, taking between 18-24 minutes to complete.

Swift Comprehension Aptitude Range

This test range includes 2 combinations for assessing administrative roles, customer service roles, operational roles and commercial roles.

This test range includes combinations of tests measuring 2 to 3 aptitudes, including verbal, numerical and error checking, taking 9 and a half to 16 minutes to complete.

Swift Technical
Aptitude Range

This test range assesses the core aptitudes required to be successful in a number of technical roles, including production workers, engineers, designers and scientists.

The short 10-minute combination test measures spatial, mechanical and diagrammatic reasoning.

Swift Apprentice

This unique assessment was one of the first tests to comprehensively and quickly measure the key aptitudes required or a breadth of apprenticeship schemes.

The combination test remarkably measures 6 aptitude areas in under 20 minutes, including verbal, numerical, error checking, spatial reasoning, mechanical reasoning and diagrammatic reasoning.

Swift Global

This interactive aptitude test measures an individual’s ability to think abstractly, reason quickly and problem solve, independent of previous knowledge.

The 12-minute combination test measures number reasoning, abstract reasoning and memory recall in a highly visual format suitable for international application.

Swift Executive

This test measures the critical aptitudes required for positions in senior management and leadership.

The 18-minute combination test assesses numerical aptitude, verbal aptitude and abstract reasoning.

Single Aptitude

Our aptitude portfolio includes a wide range of single aptitude tests, suitable for measuring the areas most critical to the role.

These include verbal and numerical comprehension, error checking tests, as well as diagrammatic, spatial and mechanical reasoning assessments and more.

Individual and Group Reporting

Individual assessment reports provide comprehensive candidate feedback in a visual and easy-to-interpret format. As well as total score and sub-scores, the reports contain unique information illustrating the accuracy and speed with which a candidate completed the assessment, against a relevant benchmark. Development tips are available based on a candidate’s score to help them improve for the future.

Aptitude report on an iPad
Aptitude Analytics on a laptop

For projects with multiple candidates, interactive group reports can be generated free of charge. These dynamic dashboards illustrate the distribution and frequency of scores to help inform progression decisions and cut-scores.

“The tools were great in giving us detailed and accurate information about each individual’s preferences in behaviors and their abilities.”

See how clients are using our Aptitude Tests

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Improving the apprentice recruitment process with Swift Apprentice Aptitude

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Using Swift Aptitude Tests to streamline graduate recruitment

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Transforming the graduate recruitment process with Swift Analysis Aptitude and Work Strengths

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Identifying digital skills in individuals during organizational transformation

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