Facilitating Digital Collaboration with Work Roles

The work place is changing. Organisations are becoming flatter, leaner and more agile. We are collaborating more and we are collaborating differently. More than ¾ of an employee’s day is spent communicating with colleagues. Remote and virtual working has increased 10-fold in the last decade.

Our approach to team building needs to keep up.

Powered by Saville Assessment’s Wave® Personality Questionnaire, the Work Roles toolkit provides users with a suite of online tools to help build and develop high-performing employees, who will work together in high-performing teams.

We believe there are three steps to enabling high-performing teams:

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Understand how you work by yourself

The Work Roles report is designed to help employees understand their preferred roles at work. It enables self-reflection, inviting employees to think about their role at work and promotes an identity focused on working style.

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Understand how you work with others

Once an employee fully understands their role at work, they will then need to think about how their role interacts with others. The Work Roles Exercise Catalogue provides the platform to start having conversations around how they can work more effectively with others.

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Understand how you work as part of a team

The research tells us that, given time, a diverse team will outperform a homogenous one. The Work Roles Interactive Group Report provides an immersive overview of the different roles in a group and how they will work together; a ‘grand finale’ to any team workshop.

So, what's your Work Role?

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