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As the best-in-class predictor of workplace performance and potential, Wave is recognized for:

  • being the only tool to identify alignment between work motives and talents
  • using the best scoring format to forecast workplace performance
  • responding to the user on the spot with smart interactive AI (Artificial Intelligence)
  • possessing the highest validity
  • differentiating between candidates at an unrivalled level with its three unique deep dives
  • having the most up-to-date norms for better benchmarking
  • receiving 27 out of a possible 30 stars from the BPS (British Psychological Society) independent review
  • generating interactive and dynamic group reporting

Transform how you Hire, Build and Lead your talent. Achieve exceptional results with our talent assessments. Find out how in this short video.


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Identify the drivers for success, place the right people in the right roles and improve quality of hire.

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Maximize the productivity of your existing workforce. Onboard effectively, create high-performing teams and develop potential.

Lead Talent with Wave

Go beyond competencies and strengths, and link leadership behavior directly to organizational outcomes.

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"The toolkit of Wave reports created by Saville Assessment has provided a consistent and more effective approach to our selection and development activities. It has been positively received by our line managers who are able to leverage the powerful insight Wave has to offer, using our own competency language which they are comfortable and confident using."

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Personality Profiling for Large Volumes

Our strengths questionnaires accurately identify the potential strengths of an individual against the key requirements of the role you are hiring for.

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