Wave® Types Report

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Wave® Types Report

Profiling an Individual’s Task and People Type

The Wave Types Report is based on the four higher level Wave clusters. Influence and Adaptability combine to produce the People Type, Thought and Delivery combine to produce the Task Type. It is used in:

  • Individual development
  • Team development
  • Leadership development


  • High validity - the types are performance-driven and relevant to the workplace
  • User-friendly - the graphics give clear scores and an indication of the strength of the type
  • Improved team performance - based on awareness of the mix of types
  • Change management - informs on the best methods for driving change


The combined People and Task Type is described, along with the implications of the type in a range of situations.

This Types Report can be used on its own or in conjunction with the Expert, Personal or Line Manager Reports which provide more detail on the scores which underpin the overall types data. Group-level reporting can facilitate team development interventions.

The Wave Types Report profiles an individual's Task and People type.


Online administration via our assessment platform Oasys or via our Bureau Service.

Completion Time:

  • 40 minutes - Wave Professional Styles
  • 13 minutes - Wave Focus Styles

Requires an accredited Wave trained user to oversee the use of the Types Report.

Sample Report

PDF icon  Sample Types Report