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Apprenticeship programmes are an integral part of an organisation’s talent strategy. They help you build a successful talent pipeline with the skills needed now and for the future.

At Saville Assessment, our approach to apprentice recruitment embraces innovation without compromising quality, offering clients a smarter and more robust assessment process.

Our range of market-leading Aptitude Tests and Wave® Strengths questionnaires provide an immersive solution to apprentice and early-careers recruitment which adds real value to both the applicants and the employer. Both tools offer an Apprentice specific comparison group, ensuring candidates are appropriately benchmarked on areas critical to success

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    Future-proof your organisation by cultivating creativity and agile mindsets in apprentices.

    Our Work Strengths behavioural questionnaire accurately identifies the potential strengths and culture fit of an individual against the key requirements of the role you are hiring for for in one dynamic 20-minute questionnaire.

    Work Strengths Questionnaire on a laptop and mobile

    Choose from our portfolio of aptitude assessments to assess skills you need in a mix-and-match format:

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