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Build Talent

Develop individuals and build effective teams

Organizations need practical and powerful solutions to support their people, develop individual capability, successfully navigate change and collaborate more effectively.

Build a better workforce with our flexible talent development solutions supporting scalable growth for all.

High Impact HR

Equip people managers with high-impact & straightforward talent development tools to:

Powerful Performance Development

Accelerate organizational and people growth by underpinning development activity with powerful tools for:

Build Talent Assessment Options

Create an inclusive culture that equips employees with the capabilities to learn, adapt and grow for long-term success. Our portfolio of development tools can flexibly pivot across all development activity and all users within an organization.

Building Resilient Agility

Identify individuals with the capacity to respond positively to change and sustain performance throughout.

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Work Roles

Enhance how people collaborate and work together effectively across boundaries.

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Wave Performance 360

Capture & benchmark insightful performance ratings for powerful feedback and development.

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Coaching Report

Break down the barriers of traditional coaching with a scalable solution accessible to all.

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My Self Career Guidance

Support career planning discussions and preparation for interviews and the work environment.

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Development Report

Bridge the gap between diagnosing development needs and implementing actionable advice.

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Wave questionnaire on laptop

Wave Professional Styles & Focus Styles Questionnaires

Our flagship personality questionnaires power an integrated approach to talent assessment,  supporting how you Hire, Build and Lead your Talent.

“The fact we are talking the same language at onboarding and development means our approach to talent is consistent and better aligned. This presents a powerful force for the business.”

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Match the right people to the right roles

Confidently select the best candidates from your applicant pool with our range of hiring solutions.

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Understand which leaders have impact

Identify, select, and develop leaders who will create the most positive impact using our unique leadership models.